A Hack Or A Glitch?

Whenever you come across technical issues online, it is assumed most of the time that it is due to a glitch within the website. I pretty much always believe this, then find out if may have been the job of a hacker.

A Hack Or A Glitch

We are still experiencing some sort of technical difficulties accessing all the forms we need to immigrate to the United States. Turns out it is a major issue, affecting all of the U.S. immigration across the world.

On Sunday, June 14, 2015, our sponsor and I both received an invoice to pay IV fee (part of the DS-260). There was no surprise that we still could not pay it online. Our sponsor took time off from their vacation, to go to the post office, on Monday morning to do the money order. Anything to keep the long immigration process flowing. They shared with me how they got the money order tracked, so we might know for sure when it has been delivered to the specific office.

The only thing left for us to do now, before the interview process, is the DS-260 form. This form also cannot be accessed due to technical issues. Once we receive our receipt for the IV form, I will call the National Visa Center and ask about this needed form.

Current Issues

The so called technical issues, whether due to a hack or a glitch in the system have been such a huge aggravation. None of us would have ever imagined this whole immigration process would have taken this long.

A few weeks ago I read about a China hack on U.S. government websites. I then sent it to our sponsor and commented that maybe this was part of our problem. Unfortunately, I can no longer find the exact link. Our sponsor actually saw it come across the news screen over the weekend. It says this affects current and former government employees. The issue is that our personal information has already been submitted to the government. I have continued to be a part of VisaJourney, and have found much helpful information on the site. It was mentioned on the site that the technical issues were due to a glitch in the U.S government site and that it has happened before, but at the same time, the China hack was mentioned.

Who do we believe? You cannot always believe everything you read on the internet or hear on the news. At least this “so called” information, explains why there have been so many technical issues.

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