We have some good news to share!! Before, I delve into revealing the good news, I will go back and tell you how we have been able to receive this good news.


Back on June 11, 2015, I sent an email to the National Visa Center (NVC) expedite department. I stated the facts that our oldest son will have to start school on August 24, 2015, in the United States and that we would really prefer to travel as a family. The information was given that we only need Javier to immigrate since the children and I are all US born citizens. When I initially asked the NVC how to expedite, I was told it could take up to two months. Hearing two months was a disappointment since we are hoping to be in the states for the children transitioning and having to buy school clothes/school supplies for our son’s school year.

On June 16, 2015, we received an email stating that our request for expedition was being reviewed. The whole time we have been praying it would be approved and even asked friends and family that we would receive a “yes” to a request our family has made.

Today, June 23, 2015, I opened my email to see the return address of where I had initially sent the email staring back at me. I said a prayer and nervously opened the email to read our case has been approved to be expedited!! After many stressful days of this whole process, this was a fresh breath of air, restoring hope where some has been lost along the way.

Expedited Email

Since the time I first sent the request, we have continued to fix items in our home and also have gotten rid of items. We had a yard sale that was pretty good and left us happy that a few more items had left our house. Several different people have contacted us that are interested in renting our house when the time comes.

We also received an email on Sunday, June 21, 2015, with our receipt for our IV fee. The only bad thing is that we are still unable to fill out the DS-260 (I may have previously stated the DS-261 and was confused , since we did that a long time ago). With the news that our case is expedited, maybe we will be able to do that form soon, but the issue is with the technical errors with their website, that are being worked on, “24, 7”. We shall see…

If you have had your case expedited before, what was the process after receiving notification?

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