Javier’s Green Card Has Arrived

Javier’s green card has arrived!! I was anticipating it may take much longer to come, as it felt the whole immigration process took a long time. Reading online that it took some people 6 months to a year to receive their green card did have me scared a little. We have been checking the mail with anticipation daily and yesterday, it finally arrived.


What does this mean? This means that Javier can now work in the United States and for those unfamiliar with a green card, it allows legal permanent residents to be able to work. He must carry the card with him at all times. The card came with a paper envelope to prevent WiFi interference, or so it says.

Green Card

This has been a week of joys and sorrows. Our 3rd nephew was born on September 21, 2015. We still have not been able to see them, as they live in a different area, but thanks to technology, we have been able to see him. We cannot wait to meet him and to hold him. Yesterday, September 22, 2015, Javier’s Aunt Lydia passed away. She had been sick, but we were able to spend some time with her before leaving Argentina. Please pray for his family and for us, as we mourn her loss from afar. You may wonder, why we will not travel for a funeral. In Argentine culture, the funeral happens in the hours following the death.

We are only in the middle of the week, but with all of the excitement and sadness, we are glad that the green card has arrived and it is one more step in us starting our new life in the United States. What has been something exciting or sad to happen in your life this week?

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