Our Plans

We as a family have a plan to move to the United States in May/June 2015. Before we can move to the United States though, we have a list of things that has to be done. This list will be ever changing as it seems new stuff comes up everyday. Some things for example:

  • What to do with our home.
  • Send off papers to the United States Embassy for Javier to be given an immigration visa.
  • Do all of the official appointments with the embassy.
  • Sell all of our possessions in our house.
  • Sell both of our cars.
  • Find tickets to the United States.
  • More to come…

Our list will change once we arrive in the US and have to find jobs and housing. If you are in a similar situation or have been there before send us a message with words of advice or any questions about our process. Thank you for following our journey!