What Do You Choose To Do When Waiting?

What do you choose to do when waiting? That is what we are continually asking ourselves.

What Do You Choose To Do When Waiting

We received an email, June 2, stating the National Visa Center (NVC) had received our missing document (the tax form stating why I had no taxes for 2014) on May 28 and to allow 30 days for it to be reviewed. I am really hoping it does not take 30 days, but it seems like more waiting on our end is common for them.

The month of May has gone by and now, we are in June. I gave myself several dates for leaving (in my mind) and the May one has passed, and I know the June one will, as well, and now, my last date, I have given myself is for some time before August 24. Our son will start Kindergarten in the U.S. that day, as well as celebrate his 6th birthday. I read where once it gets to a certain step, then it could take another 60-90 days before there would be an interview (the last step). Since it looks like we may be waiting 30 days, I really hope those second numbers I have read are wrong. Yes, I have thought ahead some to what we would do if it got too close to August 24, but there is really no point in me focusing on that now. We are just taking each day and each process as it comes.

Since we are just in the long process of waiting, work is being done to our house to prepare it for someone else to live in, as we will be renting it out. It is funny the things that will finally be taken care of in your house, when you plan on leaving, but that is normal. More clothes and toys are getting added to our pile of “get rid” of items. It is a freeing feeling letting go of items and clearing up space!

House Repairs While Waiting

We are still holding out that we will be able to access the final document DS-260 and pay the fee by the end of this week. Sandy, the lady I spoke to from NVC, stated we should hear something in a week and that will be in a few days. Just like someone who Googles as much information as they can about a certain illness, I feel like I have done that trying to figure out time frames for everything. I did come across a great website, called Visa Journey. Many people ask questions and give their responses of how things went for them during their immigration process. Our problem of not being able to access or pay that file is a common issue right now and frustrating that it seems the NVC states it is out of their control, as well as ours. Somebody, somewhere has to be doing their job and surely someone could have fixed their website issues by now, but here’s to continuing to hold out hope!

So, we just wait and continue to wait. Just like a mother waiting 9 months for the birth of her baby, a young teen waiting until they turn 16 and can get a drivers’ license, a medical student waiting to finish school and finally become a doctor.

Life is full of waiting for one thing or another and this is what we are currently waiting for. What are you waiting for and what are you choosing to do while waiting?

How To Save A Little Money On U.S. Passport Pictures

It seems that every one is looking to save a little money here and there, these days. If you are planning an International trip, then you know it is not always cheap. There are ways to save a little bit here and there and over time that will add up. I am going to share with you how you can save a little money on U.S. passport pictures.

How To Save A Little Money On U.S. Passport Pics

The first time I ever got a U.S. passport was while I was in college. My sister was working in Costa Rica and my cousin (who I had sparingly seen growing up since she was a missionary kid who lived in Africa a majority of our childhood), decided to go visit her on our spring break. A couple of 2×2 pictures were required when applying for the U.S. passport. I remember driving 15 minutes or so to a drug store near my college that had a booth where I could get the pictures. This was a huge mistake, that at the time, I did not know. I believe it was the next afternoon when I went to the post office across the state line (my university was 15 minutes away from the next state), to turn in my papers and pictures at the designated post office. Not all post offices can take your application. The lady looked at my pictures and said that they could not take them. What? I needed to turn my stuff in that day because my trip would be here before I knew it. She suggested I go to another drug store and get a new picture. Great! I got back in my car and rushed to the closest drugstore and I am pretty sure it was a different one than the original one. This part of the story gets a little fuzzy for me, but I think the machine was down or they took my picture and it was also denied. The part I do remember is that I had to go to this hole in the wall studio nearby and pay $15 or so for a sheet full of passport size pictures. Oh joy! Here, I was out $15 or so that was a lot to spend on some tiny pictures I would not use and I looked horrible!! A U.S. passport, just like a driver’s license, is something you will be stuck with for possibly 10 years. My face was painted with makeup and my short hair was somewhat styled for my original, not accepted picture. This day, I had a pale yellow Old Navy long sleeve shirt with baby blue flowers all over it. It is funny the things we remember, right? My hair was not styled pretty and I had just come from my work study job in the athletics department of my university.

As soon as the pictures were printed and I had paid what I considered way too much for them, I was back to the post office where everything was approved and sent off. That was over 13 years ago and I still remember the tiny details and how I felt. Since then, I have gotten a new US passport, and had to get the same type pictures for myself and for our children, who were born in the US.

My oldest son was probably three months old when he had to get his first picture. It is not easy to get a baby to look straight at the camera without any type of facial expression. My brother-in-law took his nice camera, laid out a white sheet, and we placed Noah on his back on top of it, and he snapped a few pictures. He then uploaded them and we were able to print them off. I do not know if he did the sizing or went to a certain website, but it sure was better than us having to go somewhere and try to hold a tiny baby up, support his head without being seen, and get him to look straight for a picture.

U.S. Passports

Since then, whenever we have needed pictures, we have done them ourselves. This has saved us money and caused less stress in the long run. How, you might ask? That is what I am going to share with you today.

There are several websites that advertise for free US passport pictures. They are really not free if you consider the price to print, but in my opinion, it is the best way to get a picture. I am not being paid to advertise these companies, but want to share to help someone who may be in need of a picture for a passport. It would be nice if this also worked for drivers’ license pictures.

The sites are:

One thing you will need is a white or off white background. We happen to have a white wall in our house and one time, we actually posed against our dryer! Get a friend or family member to take your picture and take several as to have options. Make sure you are looking straight and have no shadows. Once you upload your picture to the site, they make it super easy telling you exactly how to have your picture. Once it is finished, save to a USB or upload to your favorite picture storage site, and then get them printed. You will be paying the price for a 4×6 picture and have anywhere from four to six 2×2 pictures of yourself. In the long run, you will be happy you did it this way, especially if you have little children! *Always be sure and read the exact requirements, just in case they have changed.*

Requested Document Has Been Sent Off *Plus More*

Requested Documents Have Been Sent Off *Plus More*

I am happy to say that the requested document (a letter stating why I did not file 2014 taxes) has been emailed to the National Visa Center!

Since, the last update, I called on Tuesday and was able to speak to someone letting me know I just needed to write a letter stating why no taxes were filed in 2014 from me and to ignore the message about Javier needing to pick an agent. She said that the request for an agent was something that is automatically sent out after so many days. It was nice to hear this! The issues with the website not allowing us to pay, has also been a pain for the National Visa Center (NVC). The woman I talked to said the problems with the site have taken much longer than they expected for it to be fixed. If I was the agent, she could ask me the required questions over the phone, since they have no way to access until the website is fixed. I am only considered the petitioner and and you can only have one, if I understood her correctly. As much as we all love the world wide web, it sure can cause lots of problems!

I got on my computer, after hanging up the phone, and carefully proofread what exactly was needed from me. There is a whole section about sending the affidavit support form again. I stopped, wanting to be sure that everything is sent off as to not delay our case. After speaking with our agent, she suggested we wait until she could gather her documents and we be sure that all of those needed to be sent off again.

Today, I called the NVC and got through in less than an hour. A nice sounding woman, named Sandy, took my call. I asked if I had to send the affidavit of support forms all over again, plus my letter, and she stated no! Cheers went off in my head, because it could be emailed very fast, without having to send everything over. Sandy could tell me what had been approved and what was missing. I told her I was still not able to access the form DS-261 or pay it because of the issue and how both, the agent and myself were told, it would be possible after 42 days of initially sending everything off. She made my day, when she said she was sending my case off to her supervisor to be expedited!! Expedited!! I should hear something within a week, according to her. So now, we wait!

Thank you to those who have sent messages of encouragement and prayers as we go through this process!

Update Of Where We Are In The Process

Wow! It has been over a month, since our last update. If you are wondering why, it is because we have had no news to share. This has become a frustrating process–feeling like it is taking forever! I will fill you in on the process, but be prepared, it is long!!

Update Of Where We Are In The Process

Since we last wrote, we have gone through the steps required of us since the last message. Here, I will give more details of each step:

  1. Step 1 required us to choose an agent. Our agent was picked and we emailed the proper information stating who we wanted as our agent. It was strongly encouraged it be a person from the United States, since many parts of the world, the mail is unreliable and for where we are-I agree!
  2. Step 2 was to pay the proper fees. We paid the fees (well sort of–more on this later). When we went to the proper website to pay the fee, we got an error message. This had me confused as if the money had actually gone through and the website stated to wait 3-5 days for it to be processed, but it was heavily warned to not pay more than once. My first attempt to pay, I was unsure if the payment had gone through because of the error message. It was actually a bunch of numbers. I chose to wait 3-5 days, because I did not want to pay more than once and then be out another $120 US. When the time was up, the money still had not come out of my bank, so I attempted a second time, only to get the same error message as before. For the benefit of the doubt, I waited a second time and once I could tell no money had been withdrawn from my bank account, I contacted our agent and suggested they try. We should have contacted them the first time, because the payment went through without an error message their first attempt. The only thing we could figure out was maybe, because the site could tell I was paying from overseas via my IP address, that the payment was rejected. My bank account is from the US,  but who knows?
  3. Step 3 is to submit the visa application and that is still waiting to be done since we have not been able to access the form DS-261. The website will not let us, no matter how many times we try.
  4. Step 4 was to collect the financial documents and that has been done. After our sponsor finally talked to someone on the phone, stating to go ahead and send the documents, they were sent off.
  5. Step 5 is to collect supporting documents. The documents are items like, copies of birth certificate and police reports (it does not matter if you have none, it is still required). We already had all of the documents, except the police report since it is a time sensitive issue. Javier went to the police station to get a report and was told he had to make an appointment online. The Argentine police website for our area did not work and we kept trying everyday from the computer and from our tablet. This caused much frustration, because the webpage to request an appointment just would not work. Finally, after days of trying, and switching our browser (thanks to my brother-in-laws suggestion), we got an appointment. Javier’s police report is now in hand.
  6. The last step is to submit everything to the Nation Visa Center (NVC). This cannot be done at this time and it is not our fault. Remember, how I mentioned in step 2 we had sort of paid our fees? There is a second fee that says $0 that has to be paid. No big deal, right? It is for $0! Absolutely, nothing. When I click to pay the nothing amount, it all comes back to the same page saying it needs to be paid and I cannot get the form (the form I mention in step 3) I need to fill out so everything can be sent off. This has caused much frustration and anger. In an attempt to find out why I could not get past this step, I called the NVC. After waiting almost an hour (no lie), I was told it was a common thing to see this message and that I must wait 42 (random number, right?) days to be able to go where I can pay/get the form I need to fill out. I was beginning to think the person from NVC was just stating a random number to stall me or something, but our agent was told the same message when she called. Yesterday, was day 42, and yes, just as stated, we finally got a response in our email.

As I stated in the previous paragraph, we got a long awaited email from NVC and it stated we cannot go any further until we send some missing documents/give additional information. It stated, I needed to send the affidavit of support forms, and why I did not file Federal income tax returns in 2014 (I did not work in 2014). The funny thing is (you have to try and keep a sense of humor), the affidavit of support form, they already have. We are planning on getting them this information as fast as possible or it can delay our case. I already feel like it has been delayed. Our sponsor tried to call the phone number given for questions, but they are closed until Tuesday for Memorial Day. The other information requested is for us to choose an agent/address (form DS-261). We have already chosen an agent! This form (DS-261) needs to be filled out, but due to issues with their website we have not been able to access it. There is now a message stating this on the site.

Problems With WebsiteI would have never imagined it would be taking us so long. My brother and sister-in-law went through this process, after they got married. It took them maybe a month and they had hardly been married any time. I guess it takes longer for those who have been married longer or because the laws seem to change every year. We will be celebrating seven years of marriage in July and have three children.I would think that is some proof of marriage!

Our My original plan, was to try and be leaving Argentina the days after May 25, 2015. May 25 is Memorial Day in the US and here in Argentina, it is a holiday celebrating their heritage. I figured our son, would have to be part of a program at school and then we could leave after all of this had been done. I should have known better, but at least those plans were only in my head. My Dad celebrated his birthday and retired at the beginning of the month and then there was Mother’s Day. We would have loved to have been there for these very special days, but thanks to the long immigration process, we missed them. My parents celebrate 40 years of marriage at the end of the month and yet, this is another thing we will be missing.

Our May Adventures

To make the most of our time, we are continuing our day to day lives here. Our oldest has had different events at school that he has been a part of and we have celebrated some friends civil wedding and other friends birthdays, and Javier’s aunt from Santa Fe, Argentina came for a visit. Javier is still working and we are working on getting items out of our house (see the clothes in the pictures) and making repairs, where they need to be made our our home. Our plan is to rent our house out, so we are doing what we can. We no longer have a TV downstairs. I am wanting to get all of the items off of our TV furniture and get that piece out of our house. This past week, our bathroom was painted and part of our upstairs hallway has been painted. Maybe, God is allowing this all to take so long, so we can see the changes, before leaving.

I will sign off with this information. We will be calling on Wednesday to find out what we can do, because of the information requested, one form is unavailable due to their fault (website issue), they already have our affidavit of support form, and I have no tax records for 2014 due to not working. They have listed a phone number for us to call or my other option is to call the US Embassy in Argentina, but I do not consider this an “emergency”. Hopefully, by our next post, we will have some better news and it will not be so long as to our update.

US Embassy Website Message




News via Postal Mail and Email

We received our official acceptance letter in the mail on March 10, 2015, which was one week again. I am assuming it will be what we need to show when we do our interview. Nothing much stood out on the letter but THIS FORM IS NOT A VISA AND MAY NOT BE USED IN THE PLACE OF A VISA was in bold letters.

MailPostalEmailPicMonkey Collage

The same afternoon we received the letter, I opened my email to find two emails explaining our next steps in our immigration process. We were to go to a specific website and do numbers 1-6.

Step 1. Choose an agent

Step 2. Pay fees

Step 3. Submit visa application form

Step 4. Collect financial documents

Step 5. Collect supporting documents

Step 6. Submit documents to the NVC

Upon further reading, I found out we will have to go to Buenos Aires for our interview. It was disappointing to find out we do have to go all the way there. We had high hopes of going to Asuncion, Paraguay because if we really wanted to we could drive there and back in a day. Buenos Aires is about 14 hours away. Over this past week, I briefly spent time checking on the price of airplane and bus tickets to there. Most people here travel by bus because it is cheaper and you almost always get a hot meal or two (dinner and breakfast) and some of the companies serve wine. Javier mentioned we could drive there and it would be him doing all of the driving. I would love to drive but I do not know how to drive stick shift. No better time to learn, than now comments can be heard over the internet. Trust me, I want to learn, but since you can find people driving cars, buses, motorbikes, taxi’s, horse and carriage, and bicycles he has not wanted me to drive here or learn.

We have some good friends who are from Buenos Aires who are going to share with us what roads they always travel so we are in the safest place we can be with three little ones. The thing that excites me about going there is that it will in one way be a vacation for us. We did not travel the whole summer here. It will be nice to do something with us and the kids away from home. I would love to take the kids to the zoo or something like that after we have our meeting.

FriendsApril122015PicMonkey Collage

So this is where we are in our process. I was excited after reading everything and was thinking okay lets send everything off on Monday but here we are at Friday and that has not happened. We have the majority of the papers needed but still need a couple of more. This week has flown by though. Last Sunday was spent celebrating a friend’s birthday. The day was beautiful! The rest of the week, I spent some more time with my virtual assistant work. One day, I pulled more clothes of mine and the kids to get rid of and watched my sister (The Humbled Homemaker) meet and ask U.S. President Obama a question on Wednesday. Too bad it was not an immigration question but still cool she can say she met a U.S. President. That evening was spent celebrating a really good friends birthday. It will be hard to leave these close friendships behind but cherishing the memories we are making together now.

HHPresPicMonkey Collage

Our Case Was Approved

A week ago, I wrote this post after I was able to get through with someone at the USCIS office to ask about our case. It was really to let them know that Javier’s middle name was missing from the form. He never goes by that name, but just in case it were to be an issue down the road, I called.

The woman who took my call had a Southern accent, or to me she did. I wanted to ask where she was from, but did not for fear it would not be appropriate. You can “take the girl out of the south, but not the south out of the girl” quote came to mind. That would be me! Anyway, she was helpful and took time to look our case up and to make notes about the mistake of Javier’s middle name missing and she said that on March 18 our case was approved. Approved? I am assuming this means this is a good thing. I stated that I did not know what to do next in our case. Do I make an appointment? Do I wait to be contacted with them telling us our appointment date? When would we have an interview? So many questions I was unsure of. She let me know since it has been accepted that they would be sending it off to the national visa center and after they process it, they will send to the consulate who will contact us. I was excited to hear the word approved and it gave me hope especially after yesterday.


I was really disappointed yesterday on Wednesday, March 18, as there are so many unknowns and if we knew more we could get rid of specific items and plan for the future a little more accurately. On that night, my girlfriends and I went out for our first official women’s night out that we have decided to do once a month. The little ones get to stay home with Daddy and those of us who are Moms get to be free for a couple of hours and those without little ones get to have fun with just the girls while the husbands stayed home doing man stuff. We sat and chatted about life over dinner and future plans of ministry and things with our family and an upcoming outing to celebrate the birthday of a spouse.. It is hard not knowing if I will be here for some of the things discussed, but I think you should make the best of a situation wherever you are.


Even though she told me it was accepted, this means nothing until we receive an official notice in the mail and wait for the next steps. It was nice to hear the words though. I did log on online and put the number that was given to us in our email and on the letter we received and it says our case was approved. What do you think? Will things go smoothly from here or do you think we still have a long road ahead of us?

Our Mail Has Arrived With Our Case Number

Less than twenty-four hours ago I wrote on how it was not easy waiting. Tomorrow is the day I was going to call letting the customer service know we had not received our mail. Low and behold our mail arrived at almost noon today.  We have been waiting for this. It was a HUGE disappointment. All it was, was the same information we had received in the email. I had in my mind, it would be stating an interview date or giving us information to schedule an appointment or something to that matter.

CaseNumberMailPicMonkey Collage

It was just our official receipt notice. I must remember to put in a safe place. Which really, I already have. I felt dumbfounded because it was no new information. We were so hopeful. Makes me angry I am having to go through this while there are so many people illegally walking on my home country, and receiving benefits. I want to scream that we are doing this legally! Makes me upset is an understatement.

So now we wait. As I made lunch, my thoughts wondered over how long that wait might be. If it were in my power, we’d be in the U.S. in May 2015, and our oldest will be settled enough and he will start kindergarten the day he turns 6 in my home state. We will have found jobs and started to live the American life. I guess those thoughts/hopes/dreams will continue to be put on hold.

The letter stated the same information from the email that our case is in process. Javier’s middle name was not on the form, so I am still going to try and get contact with someone in case that were an issue down the road. I did try to call this morning, but could never seem to get off with an automated voice telling me to press 1) for this category or 2) for another.

To any friends and family reading this, this is what an American citizen must go through to bring their spouse legally to the United States. I wish it were easier and Javier I could hop on an airplane and live our life in the United States. When we were visiting in the states, we went to visit Williamsburg, VA and Jamestown, VA to see where some of the first people in the United States settled. My Uncle does a lot of study on family history and he had tracked back to a man who was a pastor of the church in Williamsburg. His name was Col. John Page. How cool that he had done that but that makes me wonder what did this relative’s parents or grandparents have to do to go to the United States. Did he sell all his possessions, pack a tiny bag with an extra shirt and pants, a pen and paper to write his thoughts? It surely was not easy stepping onto a big ship not knowing where it would end up.

Our visit to Williamsburg and Jamestown, Virginia May 2012.

Our visit to Williamsburg and Jamestown, Virginia May 2012. The middle picture is the gravestone of a relative and he was the first pastor of the church pictured.


I am glad we finally received the mail and it was a long wait to me but honestly, it left me disappointed. Those who settled in the United States left their families wondering if they would ever hear from them again. The mail was probably slower than it was for me to receive this so I am sure my thoughts are normal.

Tonight, I will be going out with some friends for a women’s night out. The children will be with their dad’s or grandparents for those of us with children and those without will get to relax not being reminded of what work they have to finish at their jobs. Hopefully, it will cheer me up! What have you done in situations like this? Focus on the good things in your life or crumble in disappointment?

Waiting Is Not Easy

Waiting is not easy…whether it be a mother waiting for the birth of her child, the girl waiting to meet “the one”, a young guy waiting to get his driver’s license, waiting to finish high school or college graduation, the man waiting to advance in his career or waiting to retire after years of service.


Our waiting is not one of the typical items people wait for unless you are in the same shoes as we are. I was excited how everything was going and especially after I received the email on February 19. Never would I have imagined that we still have not received our information in the mail almost a month later. Seven-10 days was what the email said.

It will be nice if we wake up tomorrow and have the information packet waiting at our doorstep, but I hope this does not delay us in any way. I will have the number all ready to call on Thursday morning (March 19, 2015).

It is not easy to wait for things that we want. Waiting means we are delaying getting rid of some items but I want to say thank you so much to everyone who commented on our last post! You all have some great tips on how we can “let go” of items and take stuff out daily.

Since the time we received our email concerning our case, our life has continued on like it was before. Our children finished their swim lessons at the end of February and our oldest started Kindergarten on March 9. The twins are not in preschool but sure do miss their big brother when he is at school. Javier has stayed busy working but did have some time off after hurting his knee playing basketball. I continue to be the stay at home Mom but have picked up more responsibilities with the virtual assistant work I started in December.

MDSSWimPicMonkey Collage

I am signing off by asking what is something you are waiting for right now?

To Get Rid Of Or To Hold On To?

Daily it seems like I look at items in my house and think what can I get rid of next? Dishes, cups, children’s clothes, toys, etc…the list can go on. There are many books out on how to become a minimalist or how to de-clutter in X amount of days. If you are like me, you may have read some of these books or blogs hoping to get in the mindset of taking X, Y, and Z out of your lifestyle. At this time in our life, with the plans to immigrate to the United States, it is very important that we do some of these “magic” de-clutter tips.

GetRidPicMonkey Collage

If you have been following our journey, you know we still have no specific dates of when we will leave South America. In college, at the end of every year, it was always a pain to pack up a whole year of items to be placed into storage for 3 months and unpacked once the new school year began. I remember I always told myself I would start to pack sooner the next year so it was not stressful. It was naturally a stressful time anyways because final exams were being given and we had so many days to be out of our rooms afterwards. Anytime I have ever lived anywhere besides where I grew up, I have thought back to those days at my University…from working at a Baptist camp on the coast of NC to the time I rented a house with some friends a few blocks from campus while getting my master’s degree.

Ever since we came to the decision to move to the United States, I made a decision in my mind to no longer buy more “stuff” unless it was absolutely needed. Yes, I bought some Tupperware since I had already committed to, but this decision meant no more toys or clothes or kitchen gadgets. Christmas came and went but we had gifts we had already purchased for our kids we had saved and hidden. I had a friend here once comment to me that they no longer bought toys for their girls. Their children are close in age to ours and I could not believe it . I now understand why. Our children have lots more toys than the normal children here do but much less than the typical American child. I am now fine with that. There was a time where I was not okay with that but that can be for another day and another post. I must admit I do see items I would like to have but I ask myself do we really need it? Our son starts school Monday. Did we get him a new book bag? No! I am completely fine with that because his one from last year has no problems with it.

We have started to take items out of house by way of having yard sales. The several we have had have gone really well but what does not sell, we put back into the bins for the next sale. Once our kids say they are ready to sell a specific toy or the clothes they have on their backs start to look too small, they go to our yard sale pile. I was proud that we convinced our children to not get happy-meals the other day at McDonald’s. It is a treat here for our children, or any children I should say, to go to McDonald’s. My thoughts always think of each item brought into our house, means it also has to leave our house. Our children were happy to go play at the jumpy castle/tunnel place in the mall beside McDonald’s instead of a toy they may play with for an hour.

yardsalePicMonkey Collage
All of my rambling above leads me to say, when do you decide to go ahead and let go of an item? We know, for sure, we will have to empty our house and the items inside will not be going with us besides the exception of a few. Every time I open my kitchen cabinets, I see the set of extra dishes that rarely get used. Our winter clothes are packed in bins and hanging in the closet. I then have to wonder will we be here to need those? The ten or so blankets we have, do we go ahead and sell them or wait until we know for sure we will not be here to need to use them?

What are some tips that those of you who have gone through this before (whether moving overseas, or just moving across town) can give us? We know we have to eliminate all of the items but do we get rid of the item and secretly hope we do not need it again or have to buy it before leaving? If you live a minimalist lifestyle, was it hard to convert of how you previously lived? Looking forward to feedback!


Are you at a point in your personal life, job, marriage, etc. where you have uncertainty? It is an unnerving feeling and I know you wish you knew right here and now what the solution to whatever your issue may be.


Uncertainty is how I feel in our whole immigration process right now. I have a feeling I will feel this way right before we have our interview, but since day 10 has passed and we still have not received our case number in the mail that is all I can feel. Yesterday, our children received Valentine’s Day cards in the mail that had been sent on February 7 from my parents. It took a few days shy of a month to arrive to us. I keep reminding myself maybe that is why we have not received our mail containing this information we are desperately waiting for. It is assuring though that there is a phone number to contact if we do not receive it by March 19. That is only in 15 days, but everyday I hang on to the hope we will receive news that day.

How do you “plan” for a future when a step to get there is not in your hands? We initially said that we wanted to go to the U.S. by May 2015, but since our papers did not get sent off when we planned I keep reminding myself it may take longer. Different friends and family have sent me messages of jobs they know that I could apply for. I want to apply but then I don’t because I do not know for sure I will be there for the 2015 school year. My mind then floods to think of my children. Our oldest actually starts kindergarten here on Monday. He will also, hopefully, start kindergarten in the states in the fall of 2015. Then, I think of the twins. Will we put them in preschool or daycare or will I continue to be a stay at home Mom? Will a business have any interest in me since I have not worked a 9-5 day per say since getting married in 2008? Yes, I have babysat, sold some homemade baked goods, and taught English as a second languages classes, but that is different.

What are you uncertain about right now?

There are so many questions to be answered and decisions to be made, but that process cannot take place until we know for sure dates with where we are in our immigration process.  Have you ever felt like you had to put your future plans on hold because you had to wait for a decision to be made? How did you handle dealing with the uncertainty?