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Did anyone notice you can also translate into any language you need to read this?

Still Waiting On The Mail and Immigration Thoughts

We are currently still waiting for the mail to come with our case number regarding Javier’s immigration process. Today is Day 7 and the email had stated we should receive the mail in 7-10 days. The check has cleared, so we do know some action is progressing with our case.

ImmigrationThoyghtsPicMonkey Collage

I do not know though whether the mail will come to us here in Argentina or to my address in the United States. It often takes us longer to receive mail from the United States and there have been times when we never received mail that family has let us know they sent. In these situations, either the mail has been lost or stolen. I hope that will not be the case for us concerning this, but I did read online that if we did not receive the mail by March 19, 2015 to call their customer service number.

As I logged into my email this morning, I saw a headline come across the screen in regards to immigration. It was about President Obama wanting to allow current illegal immigrants to be able to stay in the U.S. and they should get their papers ready soon. This is disheartening to those, like us, who are going through the process the legal way. I know this is a very touchy subject and one that was probably not on the forefront in the past much like it is today.

We personally know of people who have immigrated to the United States the legal way but have also met people/heard stories of those who crossed the borders illegally. My sister used to teach ESL and students would recant their hiding in vehicles, etc. all to cross into the great United States of America. The children could not control what their parents were doing. I know of someone (a US citizen) who married a guy who was in the U.S. illegally since he was a child, they married, had a son, and when they went to legalize their marriage had problems due to a whole other situation and he was deported. My heart goes out to those whose families are torn apart but it is not fair, at all, for those who do the process legally. Those people may have paid lots of money to be “taken across”, but we are also paying money to go across and doing it legally.

Often, I find myself reading the comments in regard to articles like the one I referenced above. I feel as if you can get a sense of what other people are feeling. If you are a U.S citizen by birth, how does this make you feel? If you are in the U.S. through legal immigration does this bother you after what you had to do to legally immigrate?

Accepted and Routed for Processing

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We got an email today letting us know that our case has been accepted and is being routed for processing. It stated we need to wait 7-10 days to receive our official receipt notice (by mail) where we will then be able to check the process of our case.

Though the email was clear in stating that was all that it was–an email. It just confirms by date they have received our case.

For anyone who may be interested in the dates and amount of time for a response:

  1. February 12, 2015 was when we sent off our application.
  2. February 19, 2015 we have an email saying they have our case.

I will be posting an update once we receive the mail. How many days do you think it will take…7-10 like stated or less/more?



DeliveredPicMonkey Collage

Our package sent to U.S. Immigration has been delivered!! This is one of those times where it was worth it to pay a little extra because now we know they have it. Today is President’s Day in the U.S. so the office is closed but hopefully, our package will be one of the first looked at in the next week. We ultimately have to wait to hear from them so there is not much more we can do right now.

Anybody have any guesses of how long the “wait” to hear back from them may be?


Our Papers Are In The Mail

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Exciting news for us!! We got Javier’s translated birth certificate back today since it had to be re-done but our great news is that our papers are finally in the mail!! It really feels like it was a long time coming. We initially aimed for the end of 2014, then by the month of January, and here we are almost in the middle of February and they are finally sent.

Today we can mark it off as the official start of our timeline to see how long this journey will take us. We have read it may take 6 months or longer. By us documenting our journey, may we be able to help someone else know how long it may take them or their family member.


Please feel free to share this blog with any friends or family members who may be wanting to go through the journey of immigrating to the US. If you have recently gone through the adventure of immigrating to the United States what are some things you can share with us about your journey?

Always Proofread

ProofreadPicMonkey Collage Proofread is defined as “to read and correct mistakes in (a written or printed piece of writing)” according to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary. I am very glad that I decided to do this yesterday.

We finally received our legally translated marriage certificate and Javier’s birth certificate yesterday afternoon. I was delighted because this meant after making additional copies for our files that we would be sending of all of our papers to the U.S. Immigration to began our immigration journey to the United States by afternoon. That is not exactly what happened though.

I quickly took the documents upstairs to our office area and began to skim over them as I was getting the scanner ready to scan them. Being careful to notice names and dates, I read Juan. It should say Javier and the name Juan should not even be there. I wish I could just scratch through the name Juan and write Javier but that is not professional. Thankfully, I caught the mistake before our documents were even sent off because it may have been a problem later down the road taking up more time.

Javier called the translator and let her know about the error. We know accidents happen to everyone and we have used her to translate all other documents in the past. She let us know she will be correcting it but I do not know when that means we will get it back.

The moral of this is to always take the extra time to proofread any important documents you have, especially for a situation like this.

We Seem To Be On A Waiting Game

We seem to be on a waiting game. Our current wait is for our marriage certificate and Javier’s birth certificate to be translated. It will have the official stamps given to documents legally translated so hopefully we have no issues with it.

WSWGPicMonkey Collage

Maybe this is all preparation for what we have ahead of us. I would hope not (on the waiting part) but we have to be realistic when it comes to all of this. Once it is finally sent off, soon hopefully, we will officially be in the waiting game. Waiting for a notice stating they have received our papers, waiting for an appointment date, waiting for an answer, etc.

It is is not always fun having to wait and we would really like to be moved to the US by May/June 2015 for several reasons. One reason being our oldest son Noah starts kindergarten here less than a month from now. If we wait, then he can turn 6, and start kindergarten in the US. We are having him start here so he is in the routine of school and since we do not have a specific date since it is all a decision made by someone else. Strategically speaking, if we arrive when we hope to then he can have a couple of months “off” from school and get used to life in the US before starting school.

Is there something you have had to wait a long time for? What did you do to make the time pass? For now our answer to this is we are continuing to live on in our daily tasks here in South America.

An Update On Our Papers

Here is an update on our papers: they still have not been sent off.  Disappointing, but there must be a reason.We had initially wanted them sent off before January then during Christmas my grandmother became very ill and it was apparent that she was in her last days. She passed peacefully soon after ringing in the year 2015!

Here we are at the end of January and the papers are still sitting where they were. My friend did not feel as if she could translate the documents. I have read that there can be all kinds of delays with your paper work when doing the immigration process. Hopefully, our only delays are the ones we are currently experiencing.

Have any of you done immigration process and had any delays?

Making Sure Everything Is Ready To Go

Our papers have been sent!! I wish I could be typing that but we still have a couple more things to be translated. We want to make sure all our i’s have been dotted and all of our t’s have been crossed. Javier’s birth certificate and our marriage certificate since we were married in Argentina needs to be translated. I have a friend who may be able to help us with this. Hopefully, by Monday, everything will be ready to be put into the mail and then our waiting process begins but like I promised, I will post an update once it has been sent.

Where We Are In Our Process

Where We Are In Our Process

To all of our friends and family reading you may be wondering where we are in our process. I feel like we are still in just the beginning and that is the truth. Many of our friends here have asked what dates are we leaving or if the months we would like to possibly leave have changed.

I am going to do some catch up and let you know as our readers what we have done so far. In random order:

  • Come to the decision as a family to begin the process of moving to the United States.
    • This decision was made around September/early October 2014.
  • Fill out the proper paperwork.
  • Send paperwork to the United States to our sponsor.
    • We had a friend visiting in South America who was able to carry these documents back to the United States for us.
  • Begin to get rid of items in our house.
    • Wow, you never realize how much stuff you have until it is time to move. I may have a few posts on downsizing since ultimately that is what we are doing. We have already had a few “feria de garage” (garage sales) here. Many people here have “garage sales” that are new items they are trying to sell but we have told the people it is our stuff we have to get rid of. Baby items were our big sellers and went fast! I hope the rest of the items go as fast.
  • Have a US sponsor.
    • We have someone who will be a sponsor for us but this will not be the case for everybody. Since we have family and friends there it is easier for us but do not let not having a sponsor deter you from wanting to immigrate to the United States.
  • Make copies of Passports.
    • We have made copies of all of our passports including the children’s. All of this information is being sent with our forms that will either be going out in the mail today or tomorrow! :-)
  • Get photos made.
    • The US government forms request a photo of the person filing (me) and one of your spouse (Javier). I took these late in the evening and even put makeup on for a picture that will most likely be sitting in a government office file somewhere.
    • Do not go pay to have pictures made if you do not have to. If you have a white or off white wall in your house and a camera you can do it yourself.
    • Some sites that offer the free photo options:,, and Yes, you may point out that it is technically not free since you have to eventually have the pictures printed somewhere but trust me this will save you some money in the long run. Make sure to go over the governments exact requirements as the rules tend to change from time to time. *I have personally used a couple of these sites.*
  • Make copies of all our documents.
    • This is something good to do in case a form were to get lost in the mail. Keep it in a safe location.
  • Send the papers off!!
    • I will let you all know when we do this because it will be this afternoon or tomorrow!! Exciting!!

Be on the lookout for our next post!!