Welcome to Modern Day Settlers!

Modern Day Settlers.com  A family of five going through the journey of selling all of their belongings & moving to the United States. Follow along & see all of the steps they have to take to get there.

Welcome to Modern Day Settlers!!

We are a family of five who are aspiring to become modern day settlers in the United States in the year 2015! You may be reading this because you personally know us or are in the same boat as us: you or a family member are striving to go to the US and want to know what the whole process is and then how it will be to settle there. From any searches we have done via Google or any other search engine there is not very much information on the whole process or anything there is, is outdated and it seems to us that every year the rules/laws change on people being entered into the US. We have friends and family who have gone through this process before but our plan here is to document it all so you can be along on the journey with us.