The Time You Wished You Got One More Email

If you have an email account, then you know how fast your inbox can fill up. Majority of the time, a very small percentage is personal email. If you are not careful, your inbox will become overloaded and each new mail, means another one to delete. I will tell you about the time I wished I got another email.

The Time You Wished You Got One More Email

On Thursday, our congressman suggested that we call the U.S. Embassy in Argentina. By that time, all of our communication had taken place (via email and on the phone with our sponsors), and it was too late to call. Friday morning, I called around the time they opened. I listened to a series of options and after correctly choosing the right one, I was able to converse with someone at the embassy. As much as I would love to say that our questions, about when we will have our interview, etc., were answered—I can’t! The lady politely told me that all the communication must be done over email. I had sent an email earlier in the week and still have not received a response.

Once I got off the phone, I called our sponsors and told them and emailed our congressman. The congressman responded by thanking me for the follow up and let me know that they had sent an email Thursday night and on Friday morning to the embassy. I have checked my email countless times since then hoping that I would receive something from the embassy. This is the time when I wished I got one more email in my inbox that contains over 23,000 emails.

The good thing was that we were finally able to complete the DS-260. This is a form that you can only complete online and we have been trying and trying to be able to complete it. The technical error/hack that they had on their system really delayed people from completing the DS-260. I can happily say as of Friday, July 10, 2015, our DS-260 was completed!

After conversing with our sponsors, we have wondered if this is what has been holding the embassy up, in regards to contacting us. The embassy should have everything they need now, besides the medical. They are supposed to send us the proper forms for all of that, along with the interview date.

We appreciate all the prayers and know they make a difference. My prayer, as I sign off for the day, is to receive an email from the embassy stating our next steps in the case.