Our First Month In The United States

We have been in the United States a month. This whole month has seriously flown by and I feel like I have been running since we arrived. If you have followed our journey, you may notice that some information is missing. Information such as when and how Javier’s immigrant visa arrived, how we finished everything we needed to do to our house in Argentina, how our flights went, etc. There is just so much to share. I will be filling in all of that information in the next few posts, in case you are someone to hopefully do the same journey we have with immigration.

First Month in US

Our first full day (mostly in the airport) in the United States was Wednesday, August 19, 2015,  and we already had something scheduled. Our oldest would be starting school on August 24, 2015, and his school was having an open house on Thursday, August 20. We had new, or new to us, clothes/shoes already in the closets at my parents’ house. Some of these were from my parents (glad they like to shop like I do), some from cousins, and other clothes from family friends. They knew we could not bring much with us when coming from Argentina and met our needs. One friend from high school gave us tons of school uniform clothes for Noah and shoes. Everything went smoothly at the open house, although our son was jet lagged and crying as we exited the car and went into the school. We knew this was to be expected as Argentina was an hour ahead of time and the total layout of the day is different.

Our son started school on his 6th birthday, August 24, 2015. This began a new schedule for our family. He is in a dual immersion school and the only one in our county. This was important to us, so that he may retain the Spanish he already knows. He seems to have adjusted really well.


Javier’s social security card arrived a few days after we got here, but his green card still has not arrived. The green card is what all immigrants need to have to work, but the social security office let me know that his immigrant visa can be used as a temporary green card until his actual card arrives. This was good to know! My grandfather told us when we got married, he would give him all of his carpentry tools when we moved here. When my uncle was here, he, Javier, and my dad got all of the tools and brought them here where we are residing.

Since arriving, I have celebrated my birthday. I am continuing to do some social media work. It is helpful to be able to contribute some to our household, especially in this time of transition. My driver’s license was about to expire, so I have gotten a new one, sort of! I am finally having my married name put on a license after being married over seven years and have to wait for it to arrive in the mail.

My Birthday

Our twins, along with their brother, are missing their friends in Argentina. I wonder if they realize how far away we are from their Argentina friends when I hear them mention their name. But they are loving living so close to their cousins and they all giggle in delight when they are together.

We have highly enjoyed getting to celebrate families birthdays (our niece and mine) and Labor Day. All of these special events were spent together with family and such a nice change after not being able to do so. It has been nice to run into old friends and to see family in the short amount of time that we have been here. Many of you were the ones praying for us through this whole journey and what an encouragement to see many of you when we went to my home church. This has been such a blessing to us!


We have to admit we have had moments of frustration. This is just part of the journey and will make great stories for our future generations. We have gone from having a house and a vehicle to nothing. I remind myself of the early settlers who came to the US, with just the clothes on their back or with one small bag containing a change of clothes. My family is graciously letting us stay with them until we find a place and letting us use their vehicles.

To those friends we have seen and talked to on the phone, and family who have done the same, thank you for re-welcoming us into the United States and helping us as we are transitioning! Our journey continues…

The Time You Wished You Got One More Email

If you have an email account, then you know how fast your inbox can fill up. Majority of the time, a very small percentage is personal email. If you are not careful, your inbox will become overloaded and each new mail, means another one to delete. I will tell you about the time I wished I got another email.

The Time You Wished You Got One More Email

On Thursday, our congressman suggested that we call the U.S. Embassy in Argentina. By that time, all of our communication had taken place (via email and on the phone with our sponsors), and it was too late to call. Friday morning, I called around the time they opened. I listened to a series of options and after correctly choosing the right one, I was able to converse with someone at the embassy. As much as I would love to say that our questions, about when we will have our interview, etc., were answered—I can’t! The lady politely told me that all the communication must be done over email. I had sent an email earlier in the week and still have not received a response.

Once I got off the phone, I called our sponsors and told them and emailed our congressman. The congressman responded by thanking me for the follow up and let me know that they had sent an email Thursday night and on Friday morning to the embassy. I have checked my email countless times since then hoping that I would receive something from the embassy. This is the time when I wished I got one more email in my inbox that contains over 23,000 emails.

The good thing was that we were finally able to complete the DS-260. This is a form that you can only complete online and we have been trying and trying to be able to complete it. The technical error/hack that they had on their system really delayed people from completing the DS-260. I can happily say as of Friday, July 10, 2015, our DS-260 was completed!

After conversing with our sponsors, we have wondered if this is what has been holding the embassy up, in regards to contacting us. The embassy should have everything they need now, besides the medical. They are supposed to send us the proper forms for all of that, along with the interview date.

We appreciate all the prayers and know they make a difference. My prayer, as I sign off for the day, is to receive an email from the embassy stating our next steps in the case.